Visual & Cultural Hierarchies – Practicioners That Inspire Me

Practitioners That Inspire Me


Virgil Abloh – He’s the man of many talents. Not only a designer but also a stylist and DJ, that preforms under the alias of ‘flat-white’. Jetted of his career by being a creative director for Kanye West, which allowed him to start of with his own street wear label ‘Off White’. He transformed the simplistic street wear clothing into something that is classed as high fashion. It very inspired by his work as he constantly bring out fresh ideas into the fashion world, keeping his label alive.


Maria Garzia Chiuri – The first female artistic director in the 25 years for Christian Dior. Deputed her iconic collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2016. Since that she caused some controversy, which turned out to big a success for the brand. As she was the first woman in that position, the iconic brand has developed into something, revolutionary. She has modernised the brand and allowed it return to it’s old guidelines, that has become woman’s femininity and empowerment. She’s an inspiration to me as she’s a designer as well as activist. She’s using her power, even if it’s using clothes to create an rebellion in the society, and standing up for women.


Elie Saab – At just 9 years old, he began drawing fashion sketches, cutting patterns and sewing dresses for his sisters from his mother’s tablecloths and curtains. Then at 18 years old, the designer founded his eponymous couture atelier in Beirut. Surrounded by fifteen craftsmen, within a few months he presented his first collection to the public, and his talent was well received. Today he creates the most detailed gowns and ready-to-wear collections, by combining western silhouettes with Middle Eastern flair of ornamentation and embellishments. Fairly popular within, the royal families and in Hollywood, at all glamorous galas and awards ceremonies. I gain inspiration from his work, as he puts in a lot of work and detail into each of his garments. Making every piece very unique from other haute couture gowns.


Alessandro Michele – Being the new creative director for iconic brand that is Gucci, seems like a lot of hard work, but not for this man. He has completely changed and renewed the brand for better, increasing their revenue by 51% in less than a years is a ground breaking record in 20 years. He has created the impossible, but there’s no doubt in mind that this man has some crazy ideas up in his sleeves. Not only he renewed the garments but also changed the list to clients that he caters to, choosing the younger audience. Bold move, worked out well. Gucci today, is more bright and colourful, has use of bold and vibrant print, and their accessory department has defiantly stepped up their game. As we see, all sorts of generations and subcultures styling Gucci accessories. Everyone wants to have it and wear it.


Mario Testino – One of the most wanted fashion photographers, of over a decade. His work gets featured monthly in magazines, like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. He’s a unique artist, as he has a way of creating the most beautiful photographs. As a portrait photographer he has captured some of the world’s most captivating individuals, often at intimate stages of their lives, which can be very tricky. Apart from shooting campaigns for Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Burberry. He also started his own series of photographs, and one of them being ‘The Towel Series’. Capturing well-known individuals in towels, which has to be my personal favourite. Testino has published 12 books of his photography, including ‘MaRio de Janeiro Testino’, a tribute to the city and its people that have inspired him.


Steven Miesel – The most iconic fashion photographers within the fashion industry. With an a-list of clients that include; Louis Vuitton, Versace, Calvin Klein and many more, is no surprising. Since 2002, he shoots every Prada campaign and is probably the only photographer that has shot every cover of Italian Vogue. He is a personal favourite photographer of Anna Wintour, and that itself is a huge achievement. She praises his unmatched ability to pick and mold models, and his intuitive powers. He isn’t afraid to be provocative, this can be shown all his work. The Vogue Italia July 2008 issue, was devoted to black models, in response to the fashion industry’s increasing racism. He’s certainly a master of re-invention, approaching every shoot as a new beginning. In his photography he’s constantly experimenting with new techniques and styles, which allows him stay on top of the industry.


Alexander McQueen – One of the most iconic British designers. Started off his career as a costume designer, which is no surprise to the extravagant garments and accessories her created on later in his career, most famous for his striking, avant-garde fashion shows. Had a very unusual approach on fashion as he came from a lower class background, which has earned him the success within this difficult industry. His designs were something uncommon and sometimes over dramatic but they all had meanings behind them. Only after his heart breaking death his designs have become more remarkable, as they all had a story behind his extremely difficult path in life. He inspires me in my work especially; despite he was going through difficult times. He enjoyed the work he set out and put much pride into it. His legacy is still continued by the designer Sarah Burton.


Kate Moss – Being scouted at an early age, she has come a long way. She is the definition of a supermodel. The only model to score 32 Vogue covers, however there has been a few bumps in her extremely fast career. She’s and icon and a muse, to many fashion designers, inspiring their campaigns. She’s an inspiration me, as I am very fascinated with her crazy and unusual lifestyle. Not only she’s just a pretty face but also a businesswoman, she put out some incredible collaborations but also started her own talent agency. She has pushed boundaries to get to the top, and doesn’t stop despite the many years in the industry.


Olivier Rousteing – Became one the youngest creative director of Balmain, since Yves Saint Laurent. At age of 24 has ruled the house of Balmain. Uses his strong following on social media and his connections to with celebrities to promote the brand. He’s an inspiring designer as at such a young age, he has achieved so much. I also like that he gets all of his inspiration from woman to create such bold designs, as he wants to empower them, by wearing his garments. He’s smart as he relates with the ‘millennials’, and knows how to stay on top with the brand.


A$AP Rocky – An entertainer and muse to many. Not only he stormed the music but also fashion industry. His unique style grabbed attention of many companies and designers, which landed him campaigns and exctiting collaborations. His most successful collaborations with Guess, has completely changed the brands overall style. Not only I really like him, as an entertainer but also as a style inspiration. Being a man can be difficult starting new trends and trying out bold prints and colours, yet he still manages to work that well into his street wear pieces.


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