Week 1 – Bell Hooks

Hooks.B 2010 Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom

The author begins writing about what the education system was like for an African American in the 50’s. The teachers did not only expect the outcome of ‘good education’ but it was to prepare the students for struggles they might find with ‘racial equality’. The author felt it was necessary for the repetition of ‘good education’ in quotation marks, as though it emphasis on good and bad education. Then Hooks progress onto her time at college and her ‘outspokenly racist teachers’ and uses emotive language like ‘unkind’ to describe them. Making the reader feel very uncomfortable and to emphasise with Hooks and the racism. Another use of repetition Hooks uses is for the word ‘Imagine’ and this suggests that the author is trying to make the reader, feel sympatheric and ‘imagine’ the struggles she went through her time in the education.


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