As fashion season is pretty much over now, I decided to show you some of my favourite collections and trends that caught my eye, I can see most of them hitting the high street shops in no time and carrying on through to the end of the year.

So here’s some of the trends I noticed on the runaway!

One of the trends I’ve been seeing a lot is the colour burgundy, seems pretty boring as it the equivalent of floral for spring. Nothing ground breaking yet however some collections have turned out amazing. Some of the designers that slipped in burgundy in their collections include: Michael Kors, Versus Versace, Fendi and  Marc Jacobs.

Another trend I’ve noticed is the whole political theme, which can spark a lot of controversy  within the public. The designers have managed to have a subtle yet powerful take on it, by using words to outline subjects that have a big effect on the world and it’s society like; racism, equality, love and peace. Some of the designers include: Ashish, Public School, Creatures of Comfort and Christian Dior

Another trend that sort of links to the political theme, is the whole Americana style. That includes the whole western style, with buckles, cowboy hats, a lot of denim and boots. Pretty much anything that is based around the American history and culture.  The designers include: Coach 1941, Jeremy Scott, Tommy Hilfiger and Alexander McQueen.

Street wear is another trend I have been seeing all over the runway. Some have had a new take on it making it more feminine with jewellery or kept it basic with oversized hoodies and others had a mix of both. The designers include: Yeezy, Christian Dior, Off White and Fenty X Puma.

That’s all the new trends that I have been seeing very frequently on the runways of this fashion season and stood out to me the most, I can see them being big this following season. I am very impressed with all the fresh and old school trends that are appearing. Some of my favourite collections this fashion season have been:

Christian Dior – Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear & Fall 2017 Ready-to-wear. (Love the modern take on Dior that the new creative director, Maria Garzia Chiuri has created. If you want to see process of how the collection was made then check out the documentary ‘Inside Dior‘ on E4)

Alexander McQueen – Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Plus many more but that would take two long to include all of them in this post.



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