I think everyone loves oversized hoodies, especially in the colder month as they are super warm and comfortable. I have been seeing this item of clothing everywhere! Rocked on the streets by various of celebs, like Hailey Baldwin ,in the shops and runway. The best thing about hoodies is that you can find one that will fit with your personal style.

You can find them in various of different colours, materials, patterns, with graphics, with wide sleeves, with rips, with crazy pockets, with wide string. Anything you wish form i’m sure you will find it in a hoodie. There is a down side, as more unique the hoodie the higher the price will be. Don’t worry you won’t be needing to spend £300 on a Vetements hoodie, as there are much cheaper alternatives pretty much for the same thing.

The fit of how oversized you want your hoodie depends all up to you, in what you feel comfortable in. I’m sure there are people who would prefer a tighter fit whereas I fit more comfortable in a wider fit, so its super oversized and super comfy.

However styling oversized hoodies can sometimes be slightly overwhelming as you don’t want to end up look like a sack of potatoes.I would either go crazy with jewellery and accessories if the hoodie is plain and paired with some leather trousers to make it interesting or if it’s a graphic hoodie then pair it with some fishnet tights and thigh high boots so the main attention goes to the hoodie.

TIP: If you can’t find any oversized hoodies then don’t be afraid to go to the mens section as they do have a wider collection or you could just steal your boyfriends 😉

My favourite place to get oversized hoodies from is so I decided to show you some of my favourite ones.

  1. Oversized Super Longline Hoodie With Text Print – £28

2. Mad But Magic Hoodie With Slogan Hood – £35

3. Oversized Velour Hoodie In Burgundy – £28

4. Oversized Hoodie With Cut Out – £45

5. Adolescent Clothing Oversized Hoodie With Flame Embroidery – £32

6. Reclaimed Vintage Oversized Hoodie With Sleeve Ruffle In Mesh – £45

7. Oversized Mock Tee Hem Hoodie With Flame Sleeve & Back Print – £30

8. Adolescent Clothing Oversized Hoodie With Menace Sleeve – £32



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