Party Season

It’s the most festive time of the year and I am sure that at some point during this month you will have Christmas themed party coming up and have some sort of plans during the New Year’s Eve even if it’s just staying in at home cuddled up on the sofa, munching and watching films. To save you time and stress to find the perfect outfit, I did the job for you. So even if you’re staying in at home or trying to impress your crush to get that kiss…girl I got you.

I tried to find a variety of outfits so it can suit everyones style. If you don’t like some pieces you can always mix and match to get the desired look.


Here are the 8 outfits I styled, obviously some of the items of clothing/accessories are expensive however I created this so it gives you inspiration when picking out your NYE outfit! I wanted chose outfits that any girl of age could wear, also some are more casual and others are a little bit more dressy. I even included an outfit that you could wear at home when you just wanna relax but still wanna look stylish!

You can check these outfits in full detail on my Polyvore account: heyitsnatt




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