Gucci Mania 

I’ve never really been the biggest fan of Gucci, until this year when they came out with a whole new range of bags and shoes! I’m still unsure on some of the looks in the recent runways but there was a few pieces that have caught my attention!

One of the pieces of clothing that drawn my eye to were defiantly the embroider and studded leather jacket. I am loving the combination of a rock style leather jacket with feminine details of nature embroidery like flowers and bees. I can see this being a huge trend even during the fall time!

Another piece of clothing is not something that I have seen on the runway but on instagram and it’s these flower embroidery jeans. If you have seen my previous blog post then I showed you a very similar pair of flower embroidery jeans from topshop and I’m literally obsessed! These jeans can spice up any outfit, any season!

However it’s all about the bags that have been the centre of attention for Gucci and I’m not surprised! I absolutely love how they included the original double GG design and also the colours -green and red in each of the bags but adding a twist to make it more feminine and modernised! My favourite part of the bags probably has to be either the once again… beautiful flower embroidery/pattern that comes ins a variety of different colours and flower types! This embroidery trend has been seen everywhere and mostly shown in the Gucci designs! What makes these bag unique is the the downward C clasp that looks like a lions head, making the bag powerful.

Also check out these incredible shoes that I found on instagram! I need them in my life!!



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