Welcome to House of Nat.


Welcome to House of Nat. If you haven’t already figured it out; my name is Natalia or you can just call me Nat. This blog will mostly consist of fashion however I will throw in some lifestyle posts after a short while. Here you will find; what I wear; from casual pieces to more dressy, fashion inspirations, hauls, clothing whilst and probably many more. As this is my first post I am going to make it a little bit personal, so everyone can get to know me a little bit better. Ok so here it goes.

I was born on the 26th of August 1997 (19) in Poland, at the age of 9 years old I moved out to England with my family and also my dog named Karat (value of the diamond spelt with a ‘K’ and not a ‘C’ don’t ask about the name). My parents always made sure that me and my sister had the best childhood/upbringing and it definitely was and I can’t thank them enough for that. When attending high school I really struggled with my Maths and English, therefore I decided to do photography as one of my GCSE options which I always found extremely interesting, however it was more of a hobby rather than a future plan idea. At that point I really didn’t know what to do with my life. All of m friends knew their future plans and I was still trying to figure out what I want to eat tonight never mind think about the future.


After high school I went to college and did an Art & Design course, as it combined both photograph and fashion, and I absolutely love it which is a bit surprising for me to say.  From a young age I’ve always loved fashion; whether it’s styling myself or other people, designing clothes, recreating new clothes from old or just simply reading Vogue Magazine or watching fashion shows. I love it all. And right now I’m just finishing of my last year of college and then I’m off to university, which is a bit frightening.

I hope this helped you to get to know me on a more persona level and I also hope that you stick around with me on this journey, we’ll never know what this could bring. The photographs were taken by my good friend, whilst we were messing around at the college’s studio.




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